A Coruña, Spain (1992), based in Madrid.

" I'm interested in movement, changes and the relationship

between the human being and his environment during these processes."


Movement, changes and collaborative process

His work is based on his own experience within the natural environment, where he spends most of his time. Passionate about the mountains and about nature, he does not understand a society far from it.

In his figurative and minimalist work, he mixes natural and human elements to speak metaphorically about our relationships, our feelings and our instincts.
He understands urban art as a tool for positive change and social cohesion. As an artist, he feels totally responsible for his work, both for the space where he works and for the people who inhabit it and the environment that surrounds it.
Always looking for the creative process to involve both the community and the viewer.


Urban art as a tool for positive transformation


He has participated in urban art festivals, exhibitions and projects at national and international level such as MIAU Fanzara in Castellón, Parees Fest in Oviedo, Vertical District in Valladolid, Straat Museum in Holland, Label Vallete Festival in France, Waterford Walls in Ireland, or the Memorie Urbane project in Italy.He has been a member of the international artistic collective Micro Galleries during 2019 and 2020. He has also worked on projects or advertising events for brands such as Zalando, Ford, Heineken or New Era among others.He also works and collaborates in projects of a social nature and is Co-Founder of the sustainable fashion brand Hemper S.L.


"To be a tree for the trees. Be oak" Mostar, Bosnia 2021